The Before ~ Seriously in need of TLC chair pair... ebay....cheap.... need I say more.

Bleached Chairs ~ This ramble is in response to queries on bleached chairs & reno as in renovation...no I have not been to Reno....

Saw a post from the provocative & wildly hilarious Shar Everything over @ Design Indulgence on seeing bleached chairs @ Scott's. Got my brain a thinking..... Uhm.... might this work for the I am in need of serious TLC dining set for my sister's beach place that we were coveting @ CT & just waiting for it to hit the magic number? Take a breathe that was allot of bs to spit out... I think it will work but hold the phone perhaps we better do a test batch..... Had two little Chips that were the perfect candidates lurking in the basement. Call up our trusty furniture refinisher, Bobby Renfro & he says Sure, on my  way. Can't wait to try this crazy thing y'all are calling bleaching. 

Before Bleaching
These thrift store beauties were the test batch of bleaching for a bigger project. Now if you know me at all you may be wondering WTF? I know, right.... I love color & these are how do I PC say the bland, dull & vanilla  bleached look trend does fall into neutral chic.... but hey the effort is for my sister & she loves the neutrals so anything for the cause. Plus she has some lovely seaglass greens & blues to work some colorific magic in the casa. 

Sidebar ~  these Chips were slated for an orange lacquer overhaul but I sacrificed them for the cause which makes me Sister of the Year I would say. Hell, sister of the Century!

Before the Bleaching


The results have a driftwood sorta' look which will be perfect for her Casa by the Sea. For these I cut up & starched a painters drop cloth which seriously looks just like an expensive linen, for real. May monogram..... Really needs some color...just saying.

After Bleaching
Seat Covers ~ Painters Drop Cloth

Liking the results so onto the bigger project. Results coming soon! In the mean time check out my little chinoise chest Bobby Renfro did using Myoverlays.

Bobby Refro is the best furniture restorer ever. We have had allot of fun creating some magic with different pieces of In Need of TLC furniture. I will post more of our creations once I get settled in my new/old home. For now here is a Before of the Reno (renovation... seriously you had to ask...) and one During which was just last week. Obviously it will be awhile before the reveal of all our projects..... sorry. But it will rock so it is worth the wait.

3630 Before

3630 During

Yes, Thanks for asking...... that is a moat in the front yard.

Ward Design Group

More to come on the uber talented gang over @ Ward Design Group who have created the divine design for my reno.


  1. Shut up!!! Those chairs ROCK! Must start bleaching everything immediately.

    1. Will be posting the dining set soon. May show a teaser tomorrow.

  2. Paige, didn't know that the Hathaway house was your beauty; loving the reno. Also, are you going to tell us how to "bleach"?

    1. Bobby is going to post a You Tube Video soon on the bleaching process as he did all the work not moi. Will 'shout out' when he does.


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