Monday, February 3, 2014

Clue Into Blue.... It is Blue & White Bash Day

Blue & White porcelain & ceramic accents go all bold & beautiful on my bookshelves along with the selection of white ceramic. The flat vase is sitting pretty with the original oil of a boat dock in Oriental, NC.

My pictures are bit blurry (ok totally blurry)  but you get the drift.... sorta'???  Sun was blazing in & I needed to get these posted for the Blue & White Link Up today over @ The Pink Pagoda. Maybe if you squint they aren't too bad.... ok I know they are down right crummy.... sorry.

Love how the blue & white compliments the old school brass & touches of gold. Now you know those little monkeys are adorable even blurry.

Below is a Kyle Highsmith of the home I grew up in. He is sorta' a big deal here in North Cackalacky*

*A nickname for North Carolina. Mainly used by people (military transplants) who are originally from the West Coast, especially from CA and more specifically Socal;) The word is used in good humor often to make light fun of the red neck ways of the South.

Now Head on Over to The Blue & White Bash @ The Pink Pagoda & see what everyone else is showing ~ it's an amazing symphony of blue & white!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spotlight on The Pink Pagoda

These wonderful willow plate prints that coordinate with my window treatments are from the uber talented Jennifer @ The Pink Pagoda! I had planned to have the pictures re-shot to do better juistice to the prints but wasn't sure when that would happen..... Please excuse the glare..... Wanted to give a shout out now to Jennifer as she has been nominated for a prestigious award for best Design Graphics and Presentation from the Design Bloggers Hall of Fame! Also time is of the essence coz her prints on her Esty Shop are currently on sale!

The room is tricked out in Ben Moore Pink Moire head to toe. Walls are egghell, trim is satin & ceiling is flat all in same color. It is soooo soft & soothing. Perfect back drop for all the cray, cray color in the room. At night the color glows with a subtle elegance that is darn, right magical. Previous post of this room is here.

Scalamandre China Rose fabric used in window treatments really made the living room/dining room come alive! Now I know window treatments are considered old school by some but I love my London Shade. I am a fabric whore from way back & look for any where to cram more into a room so window treatments will always be in my style. Fiddly dee to the experts. The shade really sets off the window seat which is still waiting for pillows.... yeah they are coming soon!

Click image below &  go vote for Jennifer. If you are not already following her ( thinking you must be living under a rock....) go over there & get on board! The Pink Pagoda Blog

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Magnificent Magnolia Wreaths

If you are lucky enough to be in "The Triangle" for those of you not in the loop that is RDU or said with a drawl.... Rawleigh, Derm, Chapel Hill.... then you need to know about Daniel Vogel of Flowers By the Bucket. Throughout the year Dan delivers seasonal flowers right to your front door in a bucket or two however you request right from his farm. He is a super nice fellow & he has an amazing green thumb.

Daniel Vogel of Flowers By the Bucket
Currently he is stocking his sleigh with his custom fresh Magnolia Wreathes. Dan delivered mine the day after Thanksgiving & they are stunning!!! Big, glossy & no open centers! Jiminy are they bodacious.

Daniel trades out the flower buckets for a fresh crop throughout the year with just a little phone call. Here he is earlier in the fall delivering some of his finest Fall lovelies. I am fool for Dahlias & his are gorgeous.

And how about the pineapples??? How stinking cute are they???? These came from The Cement Barn in Cerro Gordo, NC which for those not familiar is on the way to Myrtle Beach..... duh.....

I really loved the larger one above but was too large for my porch but ain't it grand??? The Cement Barn is a mecca of concrete! You can stay for hours combing the field.

Planning on fetching this fun pagoda on my next trip.


Monday, October 14, 2013

I Can Can; Can You.....

Can, Can, Can you do the Cancan...  Transforming an outdated bench was as easy as opening a can of paint!

Ooh la la ~  I was watching something on TV about the Moulin Rouge while opening a can of paint to begin yet another Before & After project and the Cancan just popped in my head. However perhaps the fumes fiddled with my brain.... Which leads to me to re-post this Blog Post from Emily Biggs over @ South of France Studios on why it is so important to wear a mask while painting. Seriously, I myself have had the fumes from using Kilz knock me off a ladder when the room was not properly ventilated. She also gives the reader other great tips on DIY furniture painting.

South of France Furniture Studio

If you are lucky enough to be in the  RDU Triangle (Sidebar ~ pronounced Rawleigh Durm if you are a native) then you need to head over to South of France Studios in Cary for all things to do with painting furniture. What a charming spot to go hang out & imagine all the possibilities.

Emily has the best workshops with a hands on approach that helps take the fear away if you are a rookie. I have been painting forever & I recently took the Paint Couture Workshop & learned lots of new techniques along with painting problem solving. Check out the schedule here.

Emily & Rebecca Reed; In House Interior Designer @ SOFFS helped me pick the perfect shade of Sherwin Williams paint for my bench (seen above) to match my curtain fabric. They custom blended their exclusive South of France Chalk Paint & I am thrilled. Now if the curtain work room would just call....

Emily Biggs of South of France demonstrating

It is a great time of the year to pick out a piece of your own furniture & head over to South of France & update that sucker by taking a Paint Your Own Workshop. Emily & Henri will be waiting for you!

Henri the Shop Pouch
Moi?  I am off to practice my high kick!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Salute to The Pink Pagoda

What a perfect week to post my Before & After vintage secretary. This week over at The Pink Pagoda Jennifer (Linda, note I did not call her Jenn....) is having a Blue & White link up. The staging for this secretary all came together via TPP.
Blue Willow Note Cards from The Pink Pagoda

As soon as it was delivered knew I wanted to stage this grey & fuchsia lacquered secretary with blue & white. Where does one go for blue & white accessories??? Straight over to The Pink Pagoda ~ stat! Wanted to frame her darling blue willow note cards in gold frames. Originally I was going to do 3 identical cards framed; one on each shelf. Jennifer offered to do 2 other designs to work with her blue willow note card size. Love them lined up together. How adorable are these??? Her  prints are available here. She is wonderful to work with!

The miniature blue & white Staffordshire pups also came from Jennifer. So sweet! These are available in her shop's porcelain collection.

Nancy Drew Books covered in white wrapping paper
I needed small books & wanted them to be white so I scavenged my Mother's basement & found an extensive collection of Nancy Drew's and covered four of them in white wrapping paper. Love them with these petite blanc de chine statues.

Jennifer really prompted my passion for blue & white. If  you are new here; I have never used blue & white in my decor. Crazy: right???  I am old as dirt & yes, I have been living under a rock.... Both of these books are a must for a blue & white aficionado. Flair by the late Joe Nye & A Passion for Blue & White by Carolyne Roehm.

Oh yeah; here is the before sitting in the shop where I found it; a beautiful piece with great bones & detail. The fretwork was in great shape & the height was perfect. 

Check out The Pink Pagoda today for The Blue & White Bash where all Jennifer's friends are sharing their love of blue & white.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One Thing Good About End of Summer

Overstock Navy Retro Indoor/Outdoor Rug
One good thing about the end of the season is all the great clearance merchandise for outdoor living. Here in the South we have plenty more porch time so gotta' go for the gusto. I snagged this bad mama jamma rug on Overstock for practically nothing. Seriously, there are millions more over there to choose from; well a least hundreds.... 

This loop pile rug is as soft as a cloud! Water beads right up as tested on Sunday & it is a breeze to wipe clean. No kick backs from Overstock just like to spread the bargain love when I can.