Monday, February 3, 2014

Clue Into Blue.... It is Blue & White Bash Day

Blue & White porcelain & ceramic accents go all bold & beautiful on my bookshelves along with the selection of white ceramic. The flat vase is sitting pretty with the original oil of a boat dock in Oriental, NC.

My pictures are bit blurry (ok totally blurry)  but you get the drift.... sorta'???  Sun was blazing in & I needed to get these posted for the Blue & White Link Up today over @ The Pink Pagoda. Maybe if you squint they aren't too bad.... ok I know they are down right crummy.... sorry.

Love how the blue & white compliments the old school brass & touches of gold. Now you know those little monkeys are adorable even blurry.

Below is a Kyle Highsmith of the home I grew up in. He is sorta' a big deal here in North Cackalacky*

*A nickname for North Carolina. Mainly used by people (military transplants) who are originally from the West Coast, especially from CA and more specifically Socal;) The word is used in good humor often to make light fun of the red neck ways of the South.

Now Head on Over to The Blue & White Bash @ The Pink Pagoda & see what everyone else is showing ~ it's an amazing symphony of blue & white!