Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NC Farmers Market and Flash Flood Alert

I adore the NC Farmer's Market in Raleigh. Here is a sampling of goodies from a recent trip. Zinnias & dahlias are 2 of my favorite flowers  & these are just spectacular! The fruit went into a cobbler which I promise to post more on soon. If you are ever in the Triangle get on over to "Raw"leigh and check out our State Farmers Market.

Getting ready for my monthly Gossip Porch Club meeting with all the flowers. Dahlias & Cocks Comb looked quite festive in the living room.

Cocks Comb & Roses say Welcome!

The Gomphrena went on the porch along with zinnias.

Gorgeous Zinnias were happy in the den.

The porch was all tricked out for our club meeting.  Flamingo pink faux bamboo tables are from Stuff Vintage.

Treat yourself today to some of summer's lovelies!

Here is the view from the gossip porch on a normal summer day...

Here is the yard last week during the "flash flood" alert. I don't know about you but I can never keep "warning" and "watch" straight when the severe weather alarm goes off on the phone.... Either way it was a wicked washout!  Seriously it looked like the Mississippi River flowing by logs & all. Pulled out the cane poles but we were not able to catch dinner..... where is Huck Finn when you need him...... next time.

Moral of this story.... keep your galoshes close by & when they say "watch" that means Watch Out!