Friday, August 31, 2012

Derwin the Magnificient

Green Cabinets

For several years I have had this picture hanging around. I see it & click on & lust. Knowing it is a  totally impractical kitchen color & that I would tire of it soon I always moved on. But drew me in & spoke to me often.

SL Idea House 2012 Kitchen
Then I got the latest SL & saw the 2012 Idea House kitchen. Umm black countertops... Currently working on a renovation & I was planning on doing black countertops in my kitchen on the main area with maple..... what if..... oh no let's just leave it like it is.... but seriously what if.... so off I go to the paint store with my counter top samples. I have my fan deck ready...

Drag along this fabric I am using in the adjoining room as a guide.

Robert Allen Lattice Bamboo

And then I meet Derwin the Cutie Patootie who arrives at the counter to assist me. He helped me immensely in getting to where I needed to be. Derwin saved the day; never said anything snide like "Lady you sure you want this bright ugly green on your cabinets???"  or the usual & obvious "Are you crazy....." He was a complete gentleman. I was able to head off to my designers to show them how it will all work....K so may have a little more convincing to do with Rodman but I am sure I can turn him around....
Derwin ~ Sherwin WIlliams Hillsborough Rd. Durham NC

The island in green with the black countertops will be just enough for moi to not tire of but enough to make me feel like my personality is alive & well in the kitchen. Whew so excited...

Carbone Quartz

Carbone Quartz plays a vital role in the kitchen as well. Hate to keep you hanging but I am away from my office & am missing some of the parts to give you more of a visual but then I do love mystery & intrigue so latter gators.... for now here is what is in my head for the kitchen... sorta'

Green Cabinets

I did a "shout out" to Sherwin Williams with a glowing review on Derwin & here is part of their response...

My team and I greatly appreciate the high ratings that you 
gave our store.  We rely on our reputation for outstanding service to build our 
business, so please share your good experience and good feelings with your 
friends and family, we’d love to help them with their painting projects too!  
Derwin was very pleased to help you with your project and enjoyed having fun 
talking and taking pictures.

Random acts of kindness are soup for the soul.

To those who checked where I have been thanks, I am fine but all my creative juices were going to the house & I have always said the blog is for fun & when it causes me stress to produce I will just take a break. That is my way of saying I have no discipline....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Love Lucy

Sunroom by Lucy Penfield

Fresh funness by Lucy Penfield. Are these rooms not just stinkn' cute!

Space Saving Magic

Currently working on my laundry room which happens to be in my master closet which will either be the best idea ever or totally suck but I am counting on the best idea ever..... So excited Lucy has some killer ideas right up my alley.

Sidebar...saw this above on Pinterest which reminded me of this clever laundry rack from Ballard below.

Beadboard Drying Rack ~ Ballard

Also lovn' this accordion rack.

Accordion Drying Rack


Lucy Herself

Oh & did I mention.... she loves orange....just saying.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'll Get by With A Little Help From My Friends

Currently coveting this carpet. Anybody know the source? Sure would make me happy to find out. There is a prize for the answer.

Casa is limping coming along! When I lay down in the yard & shoot up it helps make it look bigger;) Paint next; here are the colors....

Happy Weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Preppy PBC

Phoebe Howard
Good Monday to you. Preppy Palm Beach Chic... redundant??? Perhaps.... but seriously, who cares.....  Electric preppiness here has me giddy all over ~ Not exactly classic preppy.... however thought it would get your attention. Plus it looks so damn good with my header.... Perfect for a prepster in training. Piping.... rocks

Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard
Classic preppiness of Palm Beach Chic resonates perfectly in these pink & green rooms by the Mrs. Howard & Katie Rosenfeld. Love the details of the bed-skirt above. The pop of turquoise in the crystals below is a touch of the unexpected. They make me happy & the perkiness is perfect....

Katie Rosenfeld ~ Click this link - you will die... seriously

Meg Braff
Sophisticated prep. What a concept. Nobody does it better then Meg & Amanda. Love the yellow on the club chairs. Stray Dog lamp below adds a bit of whimsy along with the framed vintage one piece ~ adorable.

Amanda Nisbet

Coveting the chaise. Been craving piping lately, its like I can't get enough....

Elizabeth Newman
Elizabeth Newman has put together a lovely room & the piping on the pillows & bed rocks......

Serena & Lilly X Bench
Precious piping on the cutie patootie X Bench from Serena & Lilly ~ comes in a gazillion colors & prints. Speaking of Serena & Lilly..... check out these headboards, I know, right????

Serena and Lilly Georgina
Love both of  these! The bird below... not so much....

Serena & Lilly Cassia

Outta here.