Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paint a Rug Party Act I Scene II

I have been a hot mess over the pressure to do the rug. Been having several Lindsay Lohan episodes. I actually turned into the Piggly Wiggly to buy some Camel non filters..... luckily while on the aisle looking for the Boone's' Farm (which apparently they don't make anymore) I came to my senses. I did grab a Yoohoo & a Little Debbie Devil Square on the way out. It was a real blast from the past coping with pressure moment. Have even questioned if I am stable enough to get behind the wheel of a car..... seriously.

But I am making progress. Threw Lovie  (my precious 83 year old Mama) in the car & flew down to Smithfield to the Carolina Pottery & got me a doable size faux sisal. As I worked on what room to do it in & played with the ideas for the custom border.... I know, right. Probably where the pressure came from as I did decide to go that route. Found a laminator so I can seal up the fabric to keep it clean.

If the rug were to go in my kitchen this border with the fabric below from my banquette is fab but then my stencil would clash.....

P Kaufman Paisley Fabric from my porch I think it will work OK but may have to consider another stencil.....

Also from the porch below is this lime indoor/outdoor Sunbrella, sorta' boring but won't have to laminate & the stencil is the star.

This yummy Lilly Pulitzer fabric goes with the fabrics for the guest room.

If you remember or not here they are below sorta' again.... The tray shown below is from Dana Gibson & she did the fabric for me in these colors; it is in the mail so I will show soon.... The taffeta is for bed pillows. More Dana Gibson news coming soon!

Playing around with the paint colors. Also have more stencil choices but truth??? didn't order the stencils until Sunday & they aren't here yet.....See why I feel like Lindsay?

Sidebar ~ while @ the Carolina Pottery saw great Halloween decor!

& bought some wine....

Linda from My Crafty Home Life has put together a great & more stable group of bloggers that are doing a grand job with their rugs. Check them out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paint A Rug Party

Painted Pink Rug
Got a "shout out" from the ever ambitious Linda over @ My Crafty Home ~ Won't You Come To My Party??? Sure Hon, what's the dress code? Oh, Gurl not that kinda' party .... this is a Paint a Rug ParTAY! What the heck??? Painting a rug??? I know, right. Crazy for sure but then I got slam dunked with the crazy gene. Apparently painting a rug is the latest DIY craze going around the blogashere.

Painted Rug Back Story
Got coerced by the ever crafty, non stop Queen of  DIY herself Linda from My Crafty Home to jump into the mix. Great group of bloggers are braving these tepid waters with me. Check them out!

This is Idea Week & as usual I am all over the map. What style, what colors, where will it go, etc. etc etc.- say that in your best Yul Brinner accent from The King & I. Def going with a stencil to keep it simple. Started out with a Chinoiserie theme in mind. These stencils rock!

Stencil Library UK
From the Stencil Library in England. Wonderful choices, love them.

Mandarin House

Cane Pattern Stencil
Also lovn' the Palm Beach Chic styles. Lawsey, I am gonna' have PBC everywhere I look.

Circles Stencil

More Stencil Choices

With no Ikea around for hundreds of miles & they do not ship the rug featured in the blogs... crapola gosh darn ~ I am stymied.... What's a girl to do??? Shop online... duh... Looked @ Overstock & saw some potential....

Overstock Sisal

The orange is speaking to me.... imagine that.  Also thinking maybe I do a plain jute & make my own border... a choice if made I am sure to regret....

Overstock Jute
I also gave pause to doing my Rembrandt on FLOR tiles. You may remember I Love this product! Depending on how my first attempt goes may happen later.

FLOR Carpet Tiles

Linda's blog post featured a spray fabric paint. Read through the different post & the idea of a spray paint that would clog & you had to keep moving til the can was empty totally daunted me so I am moving to something less stressful for moi. There was that incident in the cul-de-sac years ago where I had to have a neighbors car buffed out due to a spray paint mist he swore had settled on his Bemmer, I tried to explain metallic finishes were all the rage on fancy, expensive German made cars. So with that little walk down memory lane thinking of going with a fabric paint that I apply directly... we will see....Heck I haven't even figured out what room this bad boy is going in..... Wait & see......Leaving you on that note.

In the meantime or is it for the meantime????? Whateva' ~ go, now, check out the other creative spirits & what they are doing with their rugs;

Sidebar... I am a dork. Want proof? There is plenty but most recent I jumped the gun & published this post yesterday. Linda quickly caught my mis-step & I took it down. Sorry to have spoiled the surprise but no harm, seriously only 3 people read my blog. Linda, Forgive me!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Before & During ~ Closing In on the Reno

I have been AWOL & while off the blog have been having a blast with all the final touches for my new casa. The renovation has been exhilarating & far exceeds all my expectations due to the wonderful team that has been busy with the execution. More on all soon. & to think all I wanted was a pink door, screened porch & washer/dryer in my master closet ... To all who weighed in on the cupola finial it was installed yesterday & is perfect. THX for the guidance.

Front door is boarded up to protect from damage but you can get the gist of it. Reveal of color coming soon!

Exterior paint is happening now. House colors are Ben Moore Edgecomb Grey & trim is Ben Moore Sea Pearl. Shakes are getting stained this week in Cabot Silver Lining. Shutters to come soon.

Here is the street view Before from the Realtor listing when I first saw the house. I know; it was so cute who could resist, right???

Here is the back yard elevation above & Before below.
Thrilled with the progress & can't wait to show more of the finishing touches as they unfold.

 Arriving @ Seekers Bazaar Booth this week from our Playgeriz Pulitzer PBC Lacquer Collection;)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

'Nuff Said Sunday

Holy Moly Gorgeous

Is this not absolutely the prettiest view ever???? And that green shutter is dang fabulous. I am speechless.... well practically.... Breathtaking, I tell you.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Sleuthing

Duralee Acrobat Jade Green
I love Acrobat by Duralee. Saw it @ the fun, new shop Notting Hill for an unheard of price of $5.99 a yard. Available on the rack in jade green but maybe they could get the other colors.... It is discontinued but I know there is still some lurking around so worth a try. Notting Hill in Myrtle Beach, SC is a brick & mortar shop so you will need to call to order ~ see link above.

Kimberly Grigg

Kimberly Grigg is one fun, color lovn' designer & is the enterprising owner of Notting Hill. Her happening shop reflects her over the top personality & her staff is just as eager as Kimberly to make your stop here festive. She is one busy gal with an exciting shop of fabric, home decor & accessories along with bitchn' clothes, shoes & accessories making an impact along The Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach. Last time I was there Kimberly herself was passing around Mango Mimosas. My kind of woman!

Monday, September 3, 2012

End of Summer Gladness

St. Bart's

The end of summer can be a depressing time. Have decided to take the Pollyanna approach...
Sidebar ~ Remember Polly of the Glad Books? If you're not that old.... or wise.... you must read them. They are rich with matters of importance for enjoying a happy life; wonderful literature. But I digress, For a quick cliff note version rent the movie with Hayley Mills & Jane Wyman.
Back on track ~ Pretending I am on a float @ the pool above in St. Bart's; I will let my imagination take off. Why maybe I can even be glad summer is over...uhm....what would Polly do.. why she would be.....

enjoying the last of summer breezes.... they are the best breezes you know... a bit cooler, hint of fall in the air.

Atlantic Beach, NC

taking in the restful colors of summer....right before the beautiful colors of fall....

The Sky Wheel ~ Myrtle Beach, SC

thankful their are no lines for the The Sky Wheel.

Hill's of Smithfield

& she would remind us Hill's is open through October! If you are anywhere on the I-95 corridor in NC stop by Smithfield for the best dang snowball around!

Enjoy your day wherever you are.