Monday, July 9, 2012

More Than You Probably Want of Palm Beach Chicness

Madcap Cottage
The above Palm Beach Chic loveliness is from the entertaining & colorific team of John Loecke & Jason Nixon of Madcap Cottage. Check them out coz they are a heap of fun & frolic. You know the kind of fun that you wish you knew them. I wish they lived on my street so they could whip up a batch of those daiquiri's, nobody would have to drink & drive & we could paint a different room each week, it could be such fun. Of course than I would drive them crazy, they would start keeping their lights off at night, put up a FOR SALE sign, move in the middle of the night & I would never see them again. It is best we are pretend friends. It did sound fun though. 

Disclaimer  I am no Interior Designer (need a degree for that) nor am I an Interior Decorator (need a shingle for that) what I am is a Decorette - loosely defined.... I read shelter magazines, a million & one design blogs, buy & stack design books, shop all the fabric stores in a 300 mile radius, stalk wallpaper books, keep up with the Kardashians  latest design trends & attend every home furnishings market I can schedule within the year. Yes sir that there qualifies me to be a CD ~ Certified Decorette....
Lilly Home Collection
That said I know what I love & do love Palm Beach Chic.... my definition is somewhere between the crisp, colorful preppieness of Lilly Pulitzer & the luxe, opulent design of Mar-a-Lago. 

Lilly's Palm Beach Living Room
Lilly's Guest Room

Mar A Lago
I lean towards the Chinoiserie, garden stools, gold gilt.....

Architectural Digest Mario Buatta
 faux bamboo ala Billy Baldwin, floral chintz.....

pink & green.... lots of lacquer

Palmer Weiss
lucite, Moroccan & touches of Regency......


green & pink......more lacquered goodness
Kelly Green ~ Meg Braff

wallpaper.... Christina Murphy nailed PBC here; see link for more

Christina Murphy
more wallpaper & a room divider....... did I mention Ana

Ana Cordeiro

fretwork of the Chippendale variety.....

Pink Pool House AD
black & white floors, palm fronds..... Meg rocks!

Meg Braff
vintage outdoor sets....... love, love,love the pink of this one
Evelyn Lauder
More lacquered furniture, emerald green anything........ lovn' the regency touches too


Jonny Adler Palm Beach Condo
pink flamingos.... holy moly lacquered coral Chippendales..... be still my heart

Ethan Allen
along with an elephant or two.....

Elizabeth Dinkel

Palmer Weiss

style of PBC. Whew... now what did I forget??? Dragons, foo dogs, chine blanc ... I love them all; however this is where for me the lines blur between PBC & Chinoiserie. I will leave these to the expert.  For the best in Chinoiserie, Beth Connelly of Chinoiserie Chic has an amazing eye for all things CC.... but you probably already knew that. 

Sidebar ~ I really want these greenalicious cane patterned lamps seen above & below in Ana Cordeiro venue. Any source in US would be appreciated. This is a very inspiring link to Ana's colorific portfolio - go, now;  what are you waiting for??? Not to mention she loves lacquer....


  1. My favorite style too!

  2. Lots of color ideas here for that divine headboard of yours. You might try that coral paint you were trying for your front door ~ Yum!

  3. You're wrong! There can't be too much for me! I love getting to see all the photos -- amazing!

    1. Good thing! Lots of color & happy stuff ` makes me happy!

  4. I died and went to PBC heaven. I need to leave and come back 6 more times!! I think I might lacquer the dog after this post. Holy goodness!!

    1. You are hilarious! I love getting all lacquered up.....

  5. FAB POST! Love it. Also love the George Clooney and Lake Como post, a special treat as I haven't gotten to that issue of Vanity Fair yet. Brava Junell! xox

    1. I have a little treat up my sleeve involving the infamous Bee....Wait for it.....

  6. Hi Junell! I think we must be long-lost twins! I'm a new blogger and fellow "Decorette" over @The Glam Pad, and I focus on Palm Beach Chic and Hollywood Regency style. I just subscribed to your blog and look forward to keeping in touch!! XOXO

  7. Lily's living room is like my dream living room, she manages to make everything look so cosy, even in all that space!


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