Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gibson Girl

Call her a modern day Gibson Girl & you would be spot on! More tomorrow on my visit today with Dana Gibson in her fab studio in Richmond. For now visit her site for all the DG lovelies.
Dana Gibson

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mid Century Wing Chairs

Lately sooo into Mid Century Wing Chairs. Digging the Channel Back & the Butterfly allot. Picked up several over the weekend (Bounty from the Hunt) & needed a visual to get my mind juicing.

Available Now on Etsy
Now that's what I am talking 'bout.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bounty from the Hunt

Saturdays hunt was quite rewarding. This ole gal was quite the Chinoise collector.

Love the Chinoiserie Chippendale Wall Shelf

Great collection of porcelain.
Mud Men ~ What great little characters.

 Digging the glazed Foo Dogs.

I was swooning over these Butterfly Wing Backs; so lucky to get them. Reveal to come; wait for it!

Gonna' make some magic with this Channel Back Claw Foot Chair.

Clever brass butterfly hardware on this Bachelors Chest. Alas nowhere in the casa so over to the SB booth it will go.

This little lacquer shelf is going in the SB Booth.

The thrill of the hunt is such an adrenaline rush & so rewarding when the spoils are this bountiful!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Winter ~ Now It's Spring ~ Halla

Oh man it sure is feeling like spring round these parts. This is when the tease starts but what makes it so intoxicating this year is we have only had 3 days of winter; really! So I am convinced winter is over!!!

I was out digging in the earth yesterday & lovn' it. My mind startn' wandern' & wondern' cause that's what is does & was imaging all kinds of unique ways of how to put Mother Nature on display this year.

Here is some inspiration to get you going. Head on out to the junque yards this weekend, let your mind wander & promise you will find some killer ideas. Great stuff this time of year that has been sitting out in the weather getting all crusty & perfect for you to turn into awesome garden goodness.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gift Fairy

When you're a Picker your Peeps are onto you if they always get a gift from your back stash; for whateva' reason makes them feel less special. I get that & being the kind and compassionate gal that I pretend to be I am, I am always on the hunt for little diddies that will make the select few (those who call me their friend & those forced by bloodlines to have me in their lives) feel really appreciated. Here are a few this will make them feel special suggestions for your Gal Pals.

Aquamarine Stone Soap

Opal Stone Soap

Malachite Stone Soap

How precious are these semi-precious stone soaps??? Really digging these & so affordable! Available on line @ Furbish

Black Glitter Honeycomb Clutch

Little cocktail bags always get the "Oh My" shout out.
Lulu Townsend Flower Clutch @ DSW

Suede + Patent @ H&M
Would love to get this tangerine lovely myself (guideline for any gift I buy.... just saying.......)

Seductive Nail Enamels rock; such a small little token but oh what a splurge.



Nothing says "Lucky you are in my life" like lavender; okay I admit that was corny but it is true......

Lovely Lavender
Orchids are a superb gift; they are exotic & such an unexpected surprise.

Ornamental Orchids

Simple little ideas that achieve the goal "Awe you really put allot of thought into my gift" which is the best kinda' gift to give.

Tory Burch Patent Skinny Cuffs with Logo Studs

Now with that out of the way might have to pick up one or two of these for moi.....