Thursday, June 28, 2012

Palm Beach Chicness + A Couple of Sidebars

Bold & Boastful

Anthony Baratta
 Love, love ,love the confidence & panache that the great Anthony Baratta exudes. Boy Howdy I love me some Palm Beach Chicness & for my way of thinking Mr. Baratta is like a modern day Mr. Color + Dorothy D all wrapped up in one.

I am working on a reno & am creating my own minuscule version of the PBC Cottage look. Using Mr. B for inspiration.

Classic PBC from the Diamond Baratta Collaborations

Mr. Baratta

Heading down to West Palm to work the Dixie Highway with the adventerous Ms TeerTrek & can only keep my fingers triple crossed in hopes of some madness to follow us ala their cross country travelogue. 

Lawsey, Lawsey....  They have Hit LA

Speaking of Travelogues I just finished the delightful series from the Divine Ms.Schultz on her countryside biking excursion (way ambitious this one)  Postcards From Burgundy

Postcards From Burgundy

The Divine Miss Schultz
Follow along with her Cowboy & her wingman (or would that be wingwomen ?#?#?...) Carolyn Roehm. Her photography of the scenery is spectacular or maybe that should be magnifico, the food & drink provocative, throw in the shopping along with her charming commentary & I swear to goodness it is like being there in person ~ seriously. Go, read, relax, enjoy!

I had more on PBC; will continue later.... all this has me wondering ....Miss Schultz may know Mr. Baratta; you never know. How is that for trying to tie this menage a trois together????

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Splash of Black

Dramatic Rug
Back in the day.... along time ago; "They" said that every room should have black in the decor to ground it. I never asked why coz I thought I was one of "them" & for sure didn't want "them" to know I was clueless. These pix seem to say "they" were right. "They" usually were.....

Hood & Moroccan Tile

Chevron Backdrop
K, so more then a splash but really digging this foyer below.


Fuchsia + Black = Fever
Symphony of Silo's
Equus ala Megan Winters
See what "they" meant???

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Colorific & A Bonus Hookup

John Lyle

On the hunt for porch chairs. I am having a grand time cyber shopping. Have found some doozies & wanted to share.

Verner Panton Chair
Grandin Road

(What the heck is that "+ " sign doing in the image.... jeepers.....)

Could be my fav..... another view perhaps?

K, so I am all over the board......  your point...... Will narrow my search soon but the hunt is such fun. I love cyber shopping!

 Teer Trek Gang with a Flamingo & a Random Guy via Friend Spreeing

Now if you are in the mood for some light summer cyber reading & even if you aren't get off your arse & get over to theteertrek.  A hilarious cross country modern day family adventure from NC to LA. There is road kill (well they did practically kill a bear in Bearizona), romance - seriously, a proposal in a helicopter in Vegas, and Lilly does Sante Fe! You will learn what Friend Spreeing is & find out what a delightful & patient guy the handsome Paris is. I am just hoping those 3 broads don't have the visit all @ the same time if you know what I mean..... Kristin is a gifted comedy writer & her taking us along on her month long trip that was a year in planning is just a hoot. Go now!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Farmhouse Porch
Relax ~ It's Friday!
My hydrangeas have rocked the yard this year. Ain't these lovely?!?

Porch Lake
I am gonna' be @ the lake & thought this was peachy keen......

Have fun & be safe.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Thunder From Down Under

Perfect Patio Party

 Greg Natale is an uber talented Aussie squeeze. Is this cutie patootie for real???

Go Now!

To Die For ~ Seriously

I agree.... another view of this room is in order.....

& Yes; how about a close up the X Box  Bench....

Two Please

In Case the Queen Visits

Ala Dorothy

Rockn' Door
& if there is a Sexy Door Contest somewhere I would enter this one.....

Holy Brisbane

Greg Natale

 Major Crush! There is more of this madness & I am totally gaga.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Right On Target

Target On Line Catalog
Target's summer online catalog ROCKS!!!
Target; who knew....
 Shut the front door.

I know; right.
My Kind of Page
See what I mean??? Seriously.

Just gotta' say or else I'll forget.... I mean I know this is a Target post but like I said I'll forget.... I ran out of Focus Factor a week ago & let's just say life has been a moving target..... to say the least. Anywho....moving on.... I got my Carleton Varney Sheets yesterday & LOVE Them!!! Bought the blue, pink & green sets & they are adorable. Go! Buy some NOW!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh Cabana Boy

Scott Sanders
Palm Beach Chic rocks Kips Bay Decorator Show House!

Can't you just tell he "cut his teeth" at Ralph Lauren???

More spaces from Scott...

Featured in NY Spaces ` Killer! Click NOW
More from NY Spaces... Be sure & Scale down on link.....
Scott Sanders
You want more??? Here you go!

Buy Now

Love him!