Thursday, June 14, 2012

Right On Target

Target On Line Catalog
Target's summer online catalog ROCKS!!!
Target; who knew....
 Shut the front door.

I know; right.
My Kind of Page
See what I mean??? Seriously.

Just gotta' say or else I'll forget.... I mean I know this is a Target post but like I said I'll forget.... I ran out of Focus Factor a week ago & let's just say life has been a moving target..... to say the least. Anywho....moving on.... I got my Carleton Varney Sheets yesterday & LOVE Them!!! Bought the blue, pink & green sets & they are adorable. Go! Buy some NOW!



  1. Just found your blog! Looks like a whole lotta fun to be had here. Hope you can stop by - you might want to offer an opinion on my front door color!

  2. These sheets are fantastic! Which color did you choose?

    1. I got the blue - sorta' a deep porcelain almost cobalt blue, green is a vivid deep emerald & the pink which is a rich almost raspberry pink. They feel like silk ~ seriously.


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