Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Splash of Black

Dramatic Rug
Back in the day.... along time ago; "They" said that every room should have black in the decor to ground it. I never asked why coz I thought I was one of "them" & for sure didn't want "them" to know I was clueless. These pix seem to say "they" were right. "They" usually were.....

Hood & Moroccan Tile

Chevron Backdrop
K, so more then a splash but really digging this foyer below.


Fuchsia + Black = Fever
Symphony of Silo's
Equus ala Megan Winters
See what "they" meant???


  1. I just added a small black & white striped rug to my master bath and I love it!

  2. How many times do I need to pin that first image.....seriously one of my fav rooms. And black in your room...then we can't be friends:)


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