Saturday, June 9, 2012

Story @ 11

Please watch the video linked above & spread the word.
This is one of those heart breaking realities that sux & happened to a family I know.
Toffee; a rescue pet, shown above with his owner;Tatum, ingested a Sago Palm seed over Memorial Day weekend & passed just 12 hours later.


Tatum's Mom is championing an effort to bring awareness to these toxic plants.

Sago Palm
Please note Sago Palms are sold as a harmless house plants in garden centers with no warning about their toxic effects to small children & pets. Please spread the word. Protect the innocent.

Sidebar.... K, so I post the WRAL story on the blog, link to Pinterest with pic of Tatum with Toffee with a "Shout Out" that this is a human interest story about a plant that kills & some bone head  person who obviously had not had their coffee reposted the image to "Wedding Ideas." Seriously??? For crying out loud..... Pleezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz people, work with me..... 

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