Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Magnificent Magnolia Wreaths

If you are lucky enough to be in "The Triangle" for those of you not in the loop that is RDU or said with a drawl.... Rawleigh, Derm, Chapel Hill.... then you need to know about Daniel Vogel of Flowers By the Bucket. Throughout the year Dan delivers seasonal flowers right to your front door in a bucket or two however you request right from his farm. He is a super nice fellow & he has an amazing green thumb.

Daniel Vogel of Flowers By the Bucket
Currently he is stocking his sleigh with his custom fresh Magnolia Wreathes. Dan delivered mine the day after Thanksgiving & they are stunning!!! Big, glossy & no open centers! Jiminy are they bodacious.

Daniel trades out the flower buckets for a fresh crop throughout the year with just a little phone call. Here he is earlier in the fall delivering some of his finest Fall lovelies. I am fool for Dahlias & his are gorgeous.

And how about the pineapples??? How stinking cute are they???? These came from The Cement Barn in Cerro Gordo, NC which for those not familiar is on the way to Myrtle Beach..... duh.....

I really loved the larger one above but was too large for my porch but ain't it grand??? The Cement Barn is a mecca of concrete! You can stay for hours combing the field.

Planning on fetching this fun pagoda on my next trip.