Monday, December 24, 2012

Peace On Earth ~ Goodwill Towards All

Etsy Artis Russ Potak ~ Wonderful!
The innocence all children should enjoy is captured in this beautiful original painting by New Englander Russ Potak. See more of his beautiful artistry here. I just love his style & sense of wonderment.

Running Reindeer
Since I still believe in Santa Claus really lov'n this one above!

From my home to yours ~ May you receive all the blessings of the season. Celebrate by spreading love and cheer to all around you now and throughout the coming year.  Have hope in your heart and faith at your back & you will receive all the blessings that you lack!

Moving day is coming soon! For now above is a little entrance-way Before.....

Wait for it.....  the After

My Dana Gibson chevron stripe pagoda lantern is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Dana Gibson Pagoda Lantern 
Good tidings to all! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho ~ Where's Waldo???

Feel like I have been pulled through the looking glass... Wowzer, lots going on & life is pretty topsy turvey around here. Did want to show one of the St Nick oil painting I am selling in the Seekers Bazaar Booth. How precious is he??? Love this & knew you all would too!

Sampan ~ Meg Braff

Here is a little teaser on a fabulous wallpaper I found & am just having applied in my hall bath. LOVE IT!!!
Meg Braff is sheer genius with her papers & I am so smitten with this that I just could not wait to share. It is dreamy! Sick that OMG has gone out of style coz I have found nothing to replace it.... This paper is OMG!

First piece is up & looking grand

Al is suddenly remembering why he was glad when foil paper went out of style in the 60's

I am having heart palpitations over the gorgeousness of it all.

Wait for more of this wallpaper coming soon coz it is ultra fabulous. Cabinet coolness below is a teaser too.

Tony Skipper from Tar River Cabinets on the left & team member ~ They are mega talented!

Glass over Garage ~ This is like a little garage apartment cabinet style

More to come!