Monday, October 14, 2013

I Can Can; Can You.....

Can, Can, Can you do the Cancan...  Transforming an outdated bench was as easy as opening a can of paint!

Ooh la la ~  I was watching something on TV about the Moulin Rouge while opening a can of paint to begin yet another Before & After project and the Cancan just popped in my head. However perhaps the fumes fiddled with my brain.... Which leads to me to re-post this Blog Post from Emily Biggs over @ South of France Studios on why it is so important to wear a mask while painting. Seriously, I myself have had the fumes from using Kilz knock me off a ladder when the room was not properly ventilated. She also gives the reader other great tips on DIY furniture painting.

South of France Furniture Studio

If you are lucky enough to be in the  RDU Triangle (Sidebar ~ pronounced Rawleigh Durm if you are a native) then you need to head over to South of France Studios in Cary for all things to do with painting furniture. What a charming spot to go hang out & imagine all the possibilities.

Emily has the best workshops with a hands on approach that helps take the fear away if you are a rookie. I have been painting forever & I recently took the Paint Couture Workshop & learned lots of new techniques along with painting problem solving. Check out the schedule here.

Emily & Rebecca Reed; In House Interior Designer @ SOFFS helped me pick the perfect shade of Sherwin Williams paint for my bench (seen above) to match my curtain fabric. They custom blended their exclusive South of France Chalk Paint & I am thrilled. Now if the curtain work room would just call....

Emily Biggs of South of France demonstrating

It is a great time of the year to pick out a piece of your own furniture & head over to South of France & update that sucker by taking a Paint Your Own Workshop. Emily & Henri will be waiting for you!

Henri the Shop Pouch
Moi?  I am off to practice my high kick!