Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Snow New Casa... + Story @ 11

I know ... right pretty pitiful. Just some serious sleet but am digging the eerie fog across the back of the house. There is now more ice & sleet but not going out in the cold to risk breaking my coccyx (BMA) to take the pic.

Story @ 11.....


Seriously this was my street Thursday night. Honestly it is a nice, quiet, one block long, lovely old street and boy did we have the drama. During another renovation on my street a pipe bomb was found buried in the yard. Cops cordoned off the area, evacuated folks, hazmet moved in for hours, & dag gone if they didn't detonate that sucker right there in the yard. My neighbor & I did saunter down & were ordered to leave the premises immediately. Seems a former residents teenager had been up to no good & had left it buried in the yard for some time now. Landscapers found it while excavating...... I mean can you imagine....... Jeez, Louise. Thinking of calling a realtor stat.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Before and After Goodness

Mid Century Butterfly Wing Chair After

Creeping towards moving day, cleaning crew is almost done. In case you are new to SB been doing a renovation for like forever... I snuck these reuphed ikat chairs in over the weekend well one coz I could & two was itching to see how they work in the front window. Results; pretty darn fabulous I'd say.

Mid Century Butterfly Wing Chairs Before ~ Craig's List Coup

More furnishings coming soon to anchor them in. I just can't stop oggling them ~  Wowzer!

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Wrapped the room, trim & ceiling in pink. It is so stinking pretty. Ben Moore Pink Moire; ceiling diluted with 2 parts Sherwin Williams Pure White in case you were wondering.....

Mantle Before ~ Vintage Mantle is happy in the beach house of guys who grew up in the house ~ Love to recycle!

Mantle Inspiration ~ Do Not Have Source....

Mantle After ~ MyOverlays.Com Custom Greek Key ~Design Ward Design Group

Oh yeah ~  why yes I did rescue a greyhound..... Spot is house broken & doesn't eat much...... More to come on my Custom Greek Key Trim from

Den After
 See porch peeking through the black doors??? And the perky Hootie ; a favorite house warming gift!
Den Before......

 Porch is perking along......screens coming soon.

Busy week ~ more to come.
Be safe & keep smiling.