Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Snow New Casa... + Story @ 11

I know ... right pretty pitiful. Just some serious sleet but am digging the eerie fog across the back of the house. There is now more ice & sleet but not going out in the cold to risk breaking my coccyx (BMA) to take the pic.

Story @ 11.....


Seriously this was my street Thursday night. Honestly it is a nice, quiet, one block long, lovely old street and boy did we have the drama. During another renovation on my street a pipe bomb was found buried in the yard. Cops cordoned off the area, evacuated folks, hazmet moved in for hours, & dag gone if they didn't detonate that sucker right there in the yard. My neighbor & I did saunter down & were ordered to leave the premises immediately. Seems a former residents teenager had been up to no good & had left it buried in the yard for some time now. Landscapers found it while excavating...... I mean can you imagine....... Jeez, Louise. Thinking of calling a realtor stat.


  1. Oh man, that could have been really bad. High drama in the hood. Hope they go after that kid.

    1. I know.... pretty wild! And with just finishing the crib too!


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