Thursday, June 28, 2012

Palm Beach Chicness + A Couple of Sidebars

Bold & Boastful

Anthony Baratta
 Love, love ,love the confidence & panache that the great Anthony Baratta exudes. Boy Howdy I love me some Palm Beach Chicness & for my way of thinking Mr. Baratta is like a modern day Mr. Color + Dorothy D all wrapped up in one.

I am working on a reno & am creating my own minuscule version of the PBC Cottage look. Using Mr. B for inspiration.

Classic PBC from the Diamond Baratta Collaborations

Mr. Baratta

Heading down to West Palm to work the Dixie Highway with the adventerous Ms TeerTrek & can only keep my fingers triple crossed in hopes of some madness to follow us ala their cross country travelogue. 

Lawsey, Lawsey....  They have Hit LA

Speaking of Travelogues I just finished the delightful series from the Divine Ms.Schultz on her countryside biking excursion (way ambitious this one)  Postcards From Burgundy

Postcards From Burgundy

The Divine Miss Schultz
Follow along with her Cowboy & her wingman (or would that be wingwomen ?#?#?...) Carolyn Roehm. Her photography of the scenery is spectacular or maybe that should be magnifico, the food & drink provocative, throw in the shopping along with her charming commentary & I swear to goodness it is like being there in person ~ seriously. Go, read, relax, enjoy!

I had more on PBC; will continue later.... all this has me wondering ....Miss Schultz may know Mr. Baratta; you never know. How is that for trying to tie this menage a trois together????


  1. I thought I commented on this, yesterday? My ADD is at it again. I love PBC. In fact, I am trying to find ways to incorporate it into my "Nantucket-ish" style. I can't wait to see more pictures.

    1. Now that will be fun. I am just having some Adler-ish Chippendale arm chairs bleached to sell. Will let you know how that goes...

  2. Love the look and hope we get to see photos of the house. The blue sunroom is fabulous!!

  3. Did you say bleached???? I am loving that look.....have seen it everywhere at Scott's. I am so jealous of all the good shopping near is such a fun look.

    1. Just posted the test batch of bleach chairs. Drum roll.... the idea came from your Scott's post! Thx for sharing. Was looking for something to do to a dining set for my sister for her beach place & saw your post & we took off running on it.

  4. JUNELL, you are adorable and your blog is the bomb. This PBC makes me happy just to look at it... I have just gotten back to the ranch and am behind in my reading (and everything else but what else is new). Thank you for the shout-out on the biking in Burgundy adventures... and look for London notes to come... Happy 4th, xox, The Divine Miss Schultz Herself ;)

    1. Can not wait for London posts. Cheerio!

  5. P.S. Yes I have interviewed Anthony Baratta and he is fab. It has been a long while, though, so I'm happy to see him again thanks to you and SB.


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