Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Failure to Launch

John & Jason
Yesterday I posted a link to some sage & highly intoxicating advice from Jason of Madcap Cottage. While doing my research... I visited the Loecke/Nixon site again for the 90 millionth time as I am captivated by their style, mixology & humor. I saw the China Rose draperies above & a stab of pain raced up to my heart as I was reminded of a recent slip up I made.... 

Scalamandre China Rose

A week or so ago Third Floor had several yards of China Rose in green listed for a blooming steal & I dropped the ball on it...... I have been lusting for it forever. How did I screw up so bad??? The excuses are endless; out of town guest, trip to the beach, hosting a dinner for 14, picking out lighting for my reno, foo dogs ate my whateva'......  the reason...... well quite simply I just spaced on it.

China Rose Green
You can find the China Rose cream, even the pale green (mint) discounted but the green NEVER I tell you. My friend Alan knowing I was desperate for it let me know it was over there & dang I blew it. And wouldn't you know it was just enough to cover my precious little pagoda chair that has been lying in wait for it if I ever became affordable somewhere..... Why yes I am a dork.... 

Since I am now stalking Third Floor I thought I would share some of the lovelies; not all are discounted but easy to purchase none the less.


I am a large fan of the Scalamandre Zebras fabric/wallpaper & just love all the accessories.

Zebra Umbrella


Ode to the Red Bag

China Rose is frequently on eBay just never in the green.....

China Rose Ebay

I would be remiss if I didn't say in light of the unfathomable tragedy in Colorado this trivial screw up I made holds no real meaning in the big picture of life. Life is for the living & the small things like not buying a discounted fabric are just that.... the small & silly things. My heart goes out to those who experienced any harm or loss in the senselessness in Colorado.


  1. Third Floor is a killer source, thank you!! I agree, blogging and all....so silly. I am heartbroken over the crazy stuff in the news.

  2. Blogs & Pinterest are a great respite from the chaos.


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