Monday, July 16, 2012

PBC North Of the Mason Dixon

Oh Canada
There is for sure a Northern invasion of Palm Beach Chicness above the Mason Dixon. Why it goes all the way to Canada. Smart folks! Love the adorable decor of Marlie Waks's Toronto digs. Fresh, fun & festive.

Those flamingos..... TO DYE FOR!

The Bee Cottage

The Divine Miss Schultz paid a little homage to PBC in her recent reno up in The Hamptons. I feel a little Babe Paley vibe going on. Rumor has it there is a book on the way about the adorable Bee & I am already planning a book signing. I'd say deviled eggs are a given. Stay tuned!

Adler/Doonan The Hamptons
Wherever Jonathan Adler goes there will be Palm Beach Chicness. These pictures prove the point. He is the master of PBC.

Happy Chic

Celerie Kemble ~ New York

You can take the girl out of Palm Beach but thank goodness you can't take Palm Beach out of Celerie Kemble.
Ivy & Piper July/Aug
Above is more Hampton PBC goodness from the latest Ivy & Piper.

What a perfect way to start the week wouldn't you say???


  1. How I wish, I could have one. Sooooo nice.

  2. Junnell! You little Jewelnell you! Thank you from Bee Cottage and me... And this is a wonderful post, btw!!!

    1. Honey Chile, the excuses are endless! The reasons are got buys & lacked discipline:( back soon!


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