Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cheapskate PBC Fabrics

Working on a project for Moi.... Trying to decide which fabric to use on some seriously in desperate need of TLC but will be fabulous with the right fabric & finish chair pair. Needs to be affordable.... that is me trying to be nice for cheap. Currently in the lead is this decidedly Palm Beach Chic beaut in green with a white lacquer finish above.

Lilly Herself

The  flava' of the room is Lilly does Derm, my hometown. It's a stretch if you have ever visited The Bull City but convinced it will turn the city limits upside down.... a girl can dream. 

Also in serious contention is Waverly Square Root in orange & fuschia  thinking with an orange lacquer on the chair frame. Uhm, lovn' the visual on that idea. BTW did you see this Jewel on Tobi's OKL sale? Went quick, really quick.

Speaking of ikats.....How is this for cheapskate PBC ikats.....

Amy Butler Lark Kasbah Persimmon

Other colorways & BTW I love Amy Butler...

Amy Butler Lark Kasbah Emerald

Amy Butler Lark Kasbah Midnight

K, I digress; oh really back to the chair pair.... Contenders who did not make the final cut but great cheapskate PBC fabrics none the less....

Using one of these fab frond fabrics somewhere.... the pink & coral makes my toes tingle.

Chipper comes in more colors. Would love some pillows out of this perky print.

I did some pretty extensive research trying to find best prices. Links to fabrics were the best prices @ the time I searched. Do comment if you find better prices.

To be continued....


  1. Hi Junell, these are all working for me, but the idea that make my heart skip a beat is the Robert Allen in green with white lacquer. There's just something about PBC done in green and white that just sends me over the edge.

    1. Yes, I have a yard of the Robert Allen & it rocks with white lacquer. THX!

  2. Oh and thanks so much for the fabric info. I posted about it again today.

  3. Love that waverly fabric in pink & orange, and I also love the first Robert Allen. ugghh, decisions. Good luck - any of these choices are fab. And btw, I saw some uber vibrant canvas fabrics at my local Hancock's today. Kelly green, lemon yellow, and hot pink - just $9 per yard!

  4. Hmmmm.....I love them all...the Bermuda Hand Prints are fab!I definitely think of green and white is classic PBC!

    1. I know, right? I have ordered the green Frond to see the value of the face weight. Will let you know. THX!

  5. Love the Robert Allen! Tobi's Chair...words can't describe!!

    1. Kindred spirits! Love them both too!


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