Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Am Ready For My Close Up Mr. Demille....

Well now Lawsey if that Darlin' Jennifer over @ The Pink Pagoda didn't just make my day or maybe my week, what the heck my life! She was obviously desperate for a guest blogger as she ask Moi to help out. I had tons of fun & so hope I don't run off her regulars.

She is busy getting ready for the BIG ORC reveal tomorrow. The One Room Challenge is well documented in my Girls Gone Wild Post & sadly for me the series comes to an end tomorrow:(

Anywho, more on The Pink Pagoda. 
Pop quiz....

Shop Porcelains

Did you know there is a shop with the most divine porcelains over @ TPP??? There sure is.

Phone Cases

And did you know she sells the most adorable phone cases? YES

TPP Pillows

Her original designs show up on these fab designer pillows. Crazy uh? Yeah, I know, right. But wait there is more.... Her giclees are just breathtaking, really they will knock the wind right out of your chest I tell you....

TPP Etsy Shop

Seriously, could it be any better??? Well, actually.... wait for it.... YES! She is a one woman phenom & will pretty much customize anything. Rumor has it she is doing silhouettes.... right Jennifer??? Check out all her shops & browse around on her website as it is full of goodness.

She is a doll & just as nice a gal as you would ever want to meet. THX for inviting me over Jennifer!


  1. Are we allowed to cal her Jenn? I have never called her that...maybe once...I don't think it went well? Another fact, did you know that yesterday was her birthday?

    1. Crapola.... & no did not know it was her birthday. Do they make white out for guest bloggers....

    2. Edited on my end now there is the issue with my guest blog.... What's a rookie to do???

  2. I love the Pink Pagoda! I look forward to reading your post on her end.

  3. How did I not know about the iphone cases? I need some Chinoiserie to go!


  4. Nope. Not desperate for a guest blogger. Here's what happened inside my brain Sunday afternoon whilst creating my Blue and White Monday post: "Hmmmm. I don't think I really have time to do this for Tuesday. Oh well. I skip posting plenty of days and no one probably notices." (The extremely rare but highly welcome occurrence of neurons/brain cells have a tiny spark.) "Oh, I could ask Junell if she'd like to be my guest for Tuesday. She's hilarious, has fabulous taste and knows her stuff (clean version)." As you can see, I was not desperate for a fill in, but I'm very grateful that you did! And, thanks so so so much for the awesome endorsement you've given me here, Junell! The post you did for me today is fantastic. THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you for the opportunity! I am honored for sure. THANK YOU!


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