Friday, August 3, 2012

Add a Pinch of Eye of Newt

I love enchantment, intrique & fairy tales, throw in a little mischief & I am a happy gal. My favorite tale of yore is Camelot. Always dreamed I would marry Robert Goulet, seriously the man could really belt out If Ever I Would Leave You.....oy I digress. Saw a post over on Frances Schultz  on her buddy Richard Keith Langham with this wickedly, provocative poolside harem tent. Read the post as it is fun & full of good stuff on Keith. Love it & the witches broom it flew in on.... just saying there is a witches ball (which I always have called a gazing ball but so lovn' the witches ball term more better) perched atop the tent to ward off evil.  Now you can afford-ably have your own... I know, right.

Z Gallery
This bad ass black & white stripe tent (which has been all over the net this year) is on sale over @ Z Gallery! Pitch it next to your pool or if it hasn't been installed yet grab a kiddie pool & let that imagination kick in..... work with me people....

Gazing Ball
Drop in this witches gazing ball &

mix up some white sangria 

& have a devilish weekend!


  1. How inviting, but I'm afraid mine would have to go by the kiddie pool...happy weekend !

  2. I had a pool party years ago, had no pool...invite said "Bring your own Kiddie pool& Beverage" we had 12 pools! Used 3 for all the sodas & beer. It may have been the best party I ever threw!

  3. OK I am DYING over the kiddie pool party!!!! How on earth did you ever come up with that, and please show us a picture... Also the thing on Keith was inspired by a piece written by another of Keith's buddies, the divine Ms. Leslie Klotz, who wrote about him in The Daily Dan - about high life in the Hamptons... and now for the life of me I cannot get to it online so forgive me for omitting a link. It is reproduced in my post, however - so THANK YOU PAIGE for the shout-out, and congratulations on the Pink Pagoda gig! excellent! xox frances

    1. HA! It was right after I moved to RIC & lived in the cutest house ever on Somerset. If I took pix it was with my brownie camera as it was around '81/82..... will search. The idea came from being at a party @ Va. Beach & the hostess used a kiddie pool for the beer out on the beach one night..... I took it & ran with it. We had all kinds!


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