Monday, August 6, 2012

Random PBC

Ashley Whitaker
Went on a scavenger hunt earlier last week looking for an image from BP- Before Pinterest. Found it after looking through like a gazilions images. While looking at some of my archived images I found some killer semi-vintage Palm Beach Chic. "Semi"  meaning some of these were from way back in 2005....

Christina Murphy

Vintage Ruthie Sommers
One of my all time fav Before & Afters from Ruthie Sommers via  Apartment Therapy.

Style Court
Random sidebar..... Speaking of piping.... we were right???

I am currently coveting this chair.

Icon Baby
Old school PBC. Reminescent of CZ Guest & Babe Paley.

Peak of Chic

Lattice Wallpaper

Obviously on a lattice kick.....


  1. Love all the Lattice, especially Icon Baby! So pretty.
    .....and the piping ....I will join the coveting!

    1. Lattice & Piping ~ so simple & adds a nice dose of whimsy.

  2. The pink and white dining room from Icon Baby is the Lyford Cay Club, in Nassau, as done by Tom Scheerer

    1. THX! Such a sweet setting. I love the main room with hand painted Palm Trees & pink upholstery. As I remember you wrote a lovely post about this project. Must go revisit your post.


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