Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'll Get by With A Little Help From My Friends

Currently coveting this carpet. Anybody know the source? Sure would make me happy to find out. There is a prize for the answer.

Casa is limping coming along! When I lay down in the yard & shoot up it helps make it look bigger;) Paint next; here are the colors....

Happy Weekend!


  1. I wish I were a design resource genius like a friend of mine, but I have no clue on the carpet. Your paint colors are gorgeous!

  2. I know who might know....if you know what I mean. You know? Love the colors.

  3. THX! I am forwarding over.... Wait til you see kitchen colors... Ou la la!

  4. Paige - I love this carpet, too, and in fact am having a whole zebra thing going on lately - can't get enough of it. Try ABC Carpet in NYC - they are great sources for everything and could lead you to something closer to home. I've just ordered an inexpensive black/brown zebra for my Cowboy's office. (Can't believe he went for it - his assistant asked if they could have a disco ball to go with it). I've forgotten the maker but I'll find out and get back to you. xox


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