Monday, September 3, 2012

End of Summer Gladness

St. Bart's

The end of summer can be a depressing time. Have decided to take the Pollyanna approach...
Sidebar ~ Remember Polly of the Glad Books? If you're not that old.... or wise.... you must read them. They are rich with matters of importance for enjoying a happy life; wonderful literature. But I digress, For a quick cliff note version rent the movie with Hayley Mills & Jane Wyman.
Back on track ~ Pretending I am on a float @ the pool above in St. Bart's; I will let my imagination take off. Why maybe I can even be glad summer is over...uhm....what would Polly do.. why she would be.....

enjoying the last of summer breezes.... they are the best breezes you know... a bit cooler, hint of fall in the air.

Atlantic Beach, NC

taking in the restful colors of summer....right before the beautiful colors of fall....

The Sky Wheel ~ Myrtle Beach, SC

thankful their are no lines for the The Sky Wheel.

Hill's of Smithfield

& she would remind us Hill's is open through October! If you are anywhere on the I-95 corridor in NC stop by Smithfield for the best dang snowball around!

Enjoy your day wherever you are.


  1. It is cloudy in New Jersey, and will be raining for the next day or so. I love fall, and find it refreshing. Nice images to look back on when the white stuff comes.

  2. Hill's could be a day trip for you.... just saying....

    1. You must have me confused with good loving mothers. I hate snow.

  3. What beautiful pictures! as sad as I am that summer is over, strangely I'm ready for fall. NOW the snow can stay away all winter for all i care, ha!

    1. I know right. Snowball's in a cup are my ideal snow!

  4. Hill's Snowball's are the bestest snowballs!


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