Friday, March 23, 2012

Designers Guild

Tricia Guild  rocks & her groovy company Designers Guild is the bomb. She shares the same love of color as moi. Her style is avaunt guard + classic = tres chic.I am talking off the charts creative.

Kimono Collection

DG loves to push that Brit envelope & rock the color spectrum to create such wicked & dramatic designs that frankly just leave me speechless..... kidding ~ like that will ever happen.

Havana Collection

Their wallpapers & fabrics are breathe taking & the furniture is so apropos for today's eclectic taste.

Kasuri Collection

And she lives in Notting Hill ~ way cool.
Designers Guild Soho Sofa
Designers Guild does some amazing collaborations & one of my pets is their Christian Lacroix Collection ~ swooning.

Christian Lacroix

Love them!

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