Sunday, October 28, 2012

Start Now!

Post from Chinoiserie Chic of this fabu vintage amaryllis fabric Beth scored reminded me it's time! Time for what??? To begin the process to force the amaryllis & paper white bulbs for the holidays, Silly. BTW, That fabric? To die for!

Paper Whites ~ Narcissus

Here are some niffty instructions over on Martha Stewart. Along with another helpful link.

Amaryllis Candy Stripe

One more link with tips from keeping paper whites from getting all leggy & drooping over. Hate it when that happens......

Order Now
You can get your bulbs at your local garden center now or use these links to order online.

Buy Amaryllis Bulbs

Now, if I could just score some of that fabric.....


  1. Love forced bulbs. That print is pretty stunning, too.

  2. I love your selection the photos the flowers. You have a jeu follower from chile


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