Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paint A Rug Party

Painted Pink Rug
Got a "shout out" from the ever ambitious Linda over @ My Crafty Home ~ Won't You Come To My Party??? Sure Hon, what's the dress code? Oh, Gurl not that kinda' party .... this is a Paint a Rug ParTAY! What the heck??? Painting a rug??? I know, right. Crazy for sure but then I got slam dunked with the crazy gene. Apparently painting a rug is the latest DIY craze going around the blogashere.

Painted Rug Back Story
Got coerced by the ever crafty, non stop Queen of  DIY herself Linda from My Crafty Home to jump into the mix. Great group of bloggers are braving these tepid waters with me. Check them out!

This is Idea Week & as usual I am all over the map. What style, what colors, where will it go, etc. etc etc.- say that in your best Yul Brinner accent from The King & I. Def going with a stencil to keep it simple. Started out with a Chinoiserie theme in mind. These stencils rock!

Stencil Library UK
From the Stencil Library in England. Wonderful choices, love them.

Mandarin House

Cane Pattern Stencil
Also lovn' the Palm Beach Chic styles. Lawsey, I am gonna' have PBC everywhere I look.

Circles Stencil

More Stencil Choices

With no Ikea around for hundreds of miles & they do not ship the rug featured in the blogs... crapola gosh darn ~ I am stymied.... What's a girl to do??? Shop online... duh... Looked @ Overstock & saw some potential....

Overstock Sisal

The orange is speaking to me.... imagine that.  Also thinking maybe I do a plain jute & make my own border... a choice if made I am sure to regret....

Overstock Jute
I also gave pause to doing my Rembrandt on FLOR tiles. You may remember I Love this product! Depending on how my first attempt goes may happen later.

FLOR Carpet Tiles

Linda's blog post featured a spray fabric paint. Read through the different post & the idea of a spray paint that would clog & you had to keep moving til the can was empty totally daunted me so I am moving to something less stressful for moi. There was that incident in the cul-de-sac years ago where I had to have a neighbors car buffed out due to a spray paint mist he swore had settled on his Bemmer, I tried to explain metallic finishes were all the rage on fancy, expensive German made cars. So with that little walk down memory lane thinking of going with a fabric paint that I apply directly... we will see....Heck I haven't even figured out what room this bad boy is going in..... Wait & see......Leaving you on that note.

In the meantime or is it for the meantime????? Whateva' ~ go, now, check out the other creative spirits & what they are doing with their rugs;

Sidebar... I am a dork. Want proof? There is plenty but most recent I jumped the gun & published this post yesterday. Linda quickly caught my mis-step & I took it down. Sorry to have spoiled the surprise but no harm, seriously only 3 people read my blog. Linda, Forgive me!


  1. Girlfriend, you are a day early. I love your inspiration, and know that you will rock it. Thanks for telling me about all the cool stencils!

    1. Would it help if I told you I am a dork??? Jeez, I so spaced on that.... Sorry.

    2. I would not call myself the Queen...I mess up a lot!

  2. Love your inspiration and the rug with the orange binding, you go girl! Linda knows how to throw a party doesn't she?!

  3. Looking forward to following your progress! wow those Chinoiserie stencils are fabulous!

  4. Hysterical - can't wait to see what you do.

  5. Too funny! Your trip down memory lane has me cracking up! Will be back next "Thursday" to see which of those fab choices you went with!

  6. Junell, whatever you do I'm going to LOVE. I can't wait to see where you go with this. And I love The Stencil Library, too!

  7. You are funny! Love all the stencils. Can't wait to see what you do!

  8. Great ideas - I can't wait to see what you decide on!

  9. I love your stencil idea. It's gonna look great. LOVE your house btw! :)

  10. Great post, Paige! Love it - and funny I have been thinking about this for a while myself. You are a champ to round up all the blogs for quick and easy reference. I'm in!

  11. Those stencils will look awesome! I have started with the fabric spray paint and lets just say I will be moving on to a different paint.

  12. THX for all the comments! WOW. Linda was right ~ This is gonna' be fun!


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