Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Color Me Tobi

Love the way Tobi Fairley puts colors together. Girlfriend can work that color wheel!

I had the pleasure of attending Tobi's Design Camp in Little Rock & boy howdy was it a rockn' great time. She was amazing, her staff the bomb & the food was kickn'. She also has the most adorable Mama. So grab a girlfriend & get your self to Little Rock in May. And BTW Little Rock ~  it rocks! Ok, so I did have to look it up on the map but it is one hip town.

Tobi & Beverly Wells; her Mama

It truly was a special time. Got to meet some amazing women + Brandon, rode in a pink hummer & got there early to do a antique shopping tour of the area. Fun & frolic! Tobi was very generous with sharing her tips, resources & her excellent knowledge of the interior design industry. What are you waiting for??? For crying out loud.... sign up now!

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