Monday, April 23, 2012

Ode to The Pink Pagoda

The Pink Pagoda Rocks! She gave me a little "shout out" over the weekend & dang we had more hits then ever! Went from 2.2 hits to 138 in one day ~ Score! She does a little blue & white thang on Mondays so today thought I would too.... This is for you Jenn!

Cobalt Blue Cohama Audubon Chinoiserie Vintage 60's 

Beautiful cobalt & white vintage fabric is currently available on Ebay - hurry over, it won't last!

Libby Langdon

Libby Langdon

Blue Willow Porcelain @ The Pink Pagoda


  1. Lawsy Miss Junell, aint nobody never done no ode fer me before. (This isn't easy. I keep switching between Prissy and Ellie Mae. ) Thanks for the mention! And that fabric on Ebay. I may have to make an offer!!

  2. Hilarious! That fabric is hot ~ It almost converted me to a blue & white gal!


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