Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Bee - Nope Not a Typo

House Beautiful contributing editor Frances Schultz is one of prettiest people I know in & out. In case you missed her story line in HB on the renovation of her East Hampton's Bee Cottage you are in for a treat. If you saw it well then lawsy you will love seeing these pretty pictures again. Such fun to see the transformation with great Before & After shots along with her great tips for space saving & other clever little tidbits.

Signature Bee Cottage Gate @

Bee Cottage Series @ House Beautiful

Vintage Outdoor Patio Set

Bee Cottage Lawn Before

Bee Cottage Lawn After
Here is the complete online series @ HB. Visit Frances' site for more on her passions & the intrigue of her daily living. You may just pick up on her divine Southern charm & her wicked sense of humor. Most enticing, she often teases us with mentions of her mysterious Cowboy.
Frances Schultz @ Bee Cottage
Now if HGTV would just do Bee Cottage ~ The Docu Drama..... loving that idea.


  1. My whole house needs to look like the third pic. I love that you say "lawsy!"

  2. HA! That is such a Frances thang....
    Note from her today ~ "You darlin thing!!! I didnt even know you were blogging - holdin' out on me! Thank you thank you so much!"
    That cottage is such a love bug!


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