Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That

Love Greek Key trim. Above from Fabricut, stunning & delish about $25.00 a yard. Below MJ Trim on line $10.00 bucks a yard. They rock & I never go to NYC without a stop there. Check for designer discounts.

MJ Trim

Dana Gibson
Stopped by to see Dana Gibson's  new fall line. The pagoda lantern above is going on my porch. Ain't it cute? She has tons of new stuff & if you are in the area go to NYC Gift next week & see the goods she is packing. The lamp above is a new addition as well. For more on Dana.

Dana's Shop
Above is a tray Dana carries along with a piece of fab for my guest bedroom. Her fabric in the tray pattern will be in the room. Are you confused? I'm confused.

More random goodies in Dana's Studio.

Dana Gibson Lamp

Garage Cupola
The cupola arrived for the reno. Anybody care to weigh in on the finial???

Above was my cupola finial vision for the illustrious designer seen below contemplating life, cupola & how will I talk her out of the coral front door.... Luckily for moi his talented wife, Laura gets me & the color thing. More on Laura later.

The dashing Rodney Ward of Ward Design Group (whom bares a strong resemblance to Donald Sutherland) has been a trouper through out the project of choosing the house to renovate, designing the renovation & overseeing the construction.  Imagine the wacky & crazy emails he gets from moi? He tempers them all & has done the most amazing job on my new casa. If we weren't related not sure if I might not be the first client he fired......

Ward Design New Home Chapel Hill NC

Ward Design Renovation Durham NC

Back to the finial.... Here is what the illustrious designer sent me....thinking he had it aimed @ moi...

Anywho, here are the finial choices for the cupola.



Would love your thoughts. Is it just me or does the third one look like a toy soldier....


  1. Finial B, but only if the first one is out!

  2. I'm so excited that you're sharing your project! It's going to be crazy fantastic. I can't wait to see the progress. With your taste, I know it will hugely rock!

    1. Crazy being the operative word! Having fun with the colors!

  3. B would be my favorite, too. What state are you in? How often are you going to NYC?

    1. Does this mean you are back on line? Hope so! I am in NC & get to NYC less then I would like nowadays. Will be in touch when I come!

  4. I am late to the party but I think B, too. Am loving all thisk...

    1. Thank goodness as the cupola was mounted today & the finial is in the Fed Ex system. Painting this week!


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