Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Friend of a Friend Trend

Saw this fab post of the recent High Point Market on the design blog Tartanscot by Scot Meacham Wood. It was a link from Tobi Failrley's FB page ~ trying to give  credit where credit is due so I don't make a blogger boo boo. 

Scot Meacham Wood
K, so I fall head over heals for the leaner print & make a mad dash over to All Posters to see how I can DIY. Don't you know they have tons of vintage wine & liqueur prints in 42"x 56."  Have placed an order & will so rock this trend.

Working the Hollywood Glam rage.

FYI ~ All Posters Vintage Collection is saucy fun!

Wesley Hall

The print was in the Wesley Hall  showroom & is worth a "look/see."

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