Monday, May 14, 2012

One Last Mom

Really lovn' the design & appointments of the Ivanka Trump Boutique & since Ivanka is a new Mom worth a Mom mention, albeit there are no pix of the baby~love on the net.... well nothing cute & couture let's say.

The color scheme rocks.

Great rendering. I just love the watercolor renderings. Oh & speaking of watercolors..... Frances Schultz who herself does some great watercolors ...

A Wedding @ Lincoln Center

Bye Bye Bahamas

did a little "shout out" to moi over @ Frances Schultz. And in the world of voodoo, whodoo & the stars lining up, we both posted on Dorothy Draper & Carleton Varney over the weekend.... seriously unplanned & unscripted. Now listen up in the world of journalism that I am not in Frances herself is for sure noteworthy (go on now click the link...) as an editor, tastemaker & in fact born into southern royalty (click for proof & a wonderful tribute to her Mama) in Tarrboro NC. She is divine & lives in NYC (when she is not spanning the globe) & I am sure knows the Trumps. 


  1. Just found your blog thanks to Frances Shultz. Great minds think alike. Thank you for the wonderful post!
    xo, Lissy Parker

    1. THX! Just ran over to take a quick peek @ your blog ~ Love me some Audrey. Will be back over soon.


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