Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Am Ready For My Close Up Mr. Demille....

Well now Lawsey if that Darlin' Jennifer over @ The Pink Pagoda didn't just make my day or maybe my week, what the heck my life! She was obviously desperate for a guest blogger as she ask Moi to help out. I had tons of fun & so hope I don't run off her regulars.

She is busy getting ready for the BIG ORC reveal tomorrow. The One Room Challenge is well documented in my Girls Gone Wild Post & sadly for me the series comes to an end tomorrow:(

Anywho, more on The Pink Pagoda. 
Pop quiz....

Shop Porcelains

Did you know there is a shop with the most divine porcelains over @ TPP??? There sure is.

Phone Cases

And did you know she sells the most adorable phone cases? YES

TPP Pillows

Her original designs show up on these fab designer pillows. Crazy uh? Yeah, I know, right. But wait there is more.... Her giclees are just breathtaking, really they will knock the wind right out of your chest I tell you....

TPP Etsy Shop

Seriously, could it be any better??? Well, actually.... wait for it.... YES! She is a one woman phenom & will pretty much customize anything. Rumor has it she is doing silhouettes.... right Jennifer??? Check out all her shops & browse around on her website as it is full of goodness.

She is a doll & just as nice a gal as you would ever want to meet. THX for inviting me over Jennifer!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cheapskate PBC Fabrics

Working on a project for Moi.... Trying to decide which fabric to use on some seriously in desperate need of TLC but will be fabulous with the right fabric & finish chair pair. Needs to be affordable.... that is me trying to be nice for cheap. Currently in the lead is this decidedly Palm Beach Chic beaut in green with a white lacquer finish above.

Lilly Herself

The  flava' of the room is Lilly does Derm, my hometown. It's a stretch if you have ever visited The Bull City but convinced it will turn the city limits upside down.... a girl can dream. 

Also in serious contention is Waverly Square Root in orange & fuschia  thinking with an orange lacquer on the chair frame. Uhm, lovn' the visual on that idea. BTW did you see this Jewel on Tobi's OKL sale? Went quick, really quick.

Speaking of ikats.....How is this for cheapskate PBC ikats.....

Amy Butler Lark Kasbah Persimmon

Other colorways & BTW I love Amy Butler...

Amy Butler Lark Kasbah Emerald

Amy Butler Lark Kasbah Midnight

K, I digress; oh really back to the chair pair.... Contenders who did not make the final cut but great cheapskate PBC fabrics none the less....

Using one of these fab frond fabrics somewhere.... the pink & coral makes my toes tingle.

Chipper comes in more colors. Would love some pillows out of this perky print.

I did some pretty extensive research trying to find best prices. Links to fabrics were the best prices @ the time I searched. Do comment if you find better prices.

To be continued....

Friday, July 27, 2012


OKL Today
K, so I have Tawked about Tobi before & you may know I went to Design Camp in Little Rock. Now is your chance to own a piece of the Rock! Today on OKL is a Tobi extravaganza & she has announced her latest dates for Design Camp with a 2 for one special. Go, now, sign up & antique shop the Rock as I did. Not to mention they really mix things up @ Design Camp......

Last but not least Tobi is over @ Serena & Lily dishing on the perfect bed. 

Serena & Lilly 

Above is from a previous OKL Tobi sale - these were featured last summer in Tobi's Hampton Designer House room. Below is a lamp I bought on an antique shopping trip in Little Rock.

Lamp From Little Rock

I for one am going to be catching up on some serious R& R this weekend.

Be Safe!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Girls Gone Wild

Ikea Hack + More
The One Room 6 Week Challenge put on by Linda over @ My Crafty Home is coming into the final stretch & there is more fabric flying, paint being slung & power tools then I ever saw on Extreme Home Makeover. These girls mean business for real.

Week 3 @ My Crafty Home

Linda is a one woman wrecking crew (who won't take no for an answer) so go follow along & see the insanity for yourself!

The Pink Pagoda Before Bookcase

Pretty as a picture from The Pink Pagoda. Such elegance & perfection

Inspiration Image for The Pink Pagoda Redo
Chinoiserie Chic Kitchen
Beth, the over achiever in the bunch over @ Chinoiserie Chic is done with one week to go. That is like the Iron Chef having a minute left in the cooking competition, unheard of I tell you! She is rockn' the pink & blue along with some killer organizational skills. A promise for more pictures next week of her breathtaking kitchen.

Chinoiserie Chic One Room Challenge
Design Indulgence One Room Challenge
Lots of mystery & intrigue over @ Design Indulgence with a lovely assortment of soothing fabrics & a coffee table redo in the works for Sherrific's clients. Check out the Before below which will receive these lovely fabrics above.
Design Indulgence Before
There are many more participants; these are the uber talented ladies that I follow. For more see the links to their sites & they also have links to the other participants. One week to go & I am biting my nails like I have a deadline to meet..... go figure! Now that the final rose has been given out this is all I have to live for.... what next Linda????

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quickie Micro Post

UPDATE: Ebay had 2 short pieces of Scalamandre China Rose Pink & Orange (16429-004) on Green tonight - Wednesday July 25, 2012 for a song = less than $45 Yard normally $134 to $178.  I got the shorter run @ 4 yards. There is still a 9 meter piece. Can hardly stand it.

Colour Happy + A Bonus Hack

Mary Douglas Drysdale, that's the way uh huh uh huh I like it. I could curl up right here 
F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Jiminy, it is like she channeled Moi, seriously.

Absolutely lovn' these yellowrific curtains!

House of Turq


Such a random post of color that I have been collecting. Needed to go to my happy place.

Amanda Bee Abstract

Buy her wallpaper...

Anna Spiro

Ikea Hack Campaign Chest
So groovy....I know ~ right???

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Failure to Launch

John & Jason
Yesterday I posted a link to some sage & highly intoxicating advice from Jason of Madcap Cottage. While doing my research... I visited the Loecke/Nixon site again for the 90 millionth time as I am captivated by their style, mixology & humor. I saw the China Rose draperies above & a stab of pain raced up to my heart as I was reminded of a recent slip up I made.... 

Scalamandre China Rose

A week or so ago Third Floor had several yards of China Rose in green listed for a blooming steal & I dropped the ball on it...... I have been lusting for it forever. How did I screw up so bad??? The excuses are endless; out of town guest, trip to the beach, hosting a dinner for 14, picking out lighting for my reno, foo dogs ate my whateva'......  the reason...... well quite simply I just spaced on it.

China Rose Green
You can find the China Rose cream, even the pale green (mint) discounted but the green NEVER I tell you. My friend Alan knowing I was desperate for it let me know it was over there & dang I blew it. And wouldn't you know it was just enough to cover my precious little pagoda chair that has been lying in wait for it if I ever became affordable somewhere..... Why yes I am a dork.... 

Since I am now stalking Third Floor I thought I would share some of the lovelies; not all are discounted but easy to purchase none the less.


I am a large fan of the Scalamandre Zebras fabric/wallpaper & just love all the accessories.

Zebra Umbrella


Ode to the Red Bag

China Rose is frequently on eBay just never in the green.....

China Rose Ebay

I would be remiss if I didn't say in light of the unfathomable tragedy in Colorado this trivial screw up I made holds no real meaning in the big picture of life. Life is for the living & the small things like not buying a discounted fabric are just that.... the small & silly things. My heart goes out to those who experienced any harm or loss in the senselessness in Colorado.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Stolen Advice & RIP

Advice Column

Must read! Tobi has the best read in the blogosphere today.... in my humble opinion..... Love Loecke/Nixon.

Lionel Batiste NOLA
From Valorie over @ The Visual Vamp; a touching post.

Monday, Monday.....

Monday, July 16, 2012

PBC North Of the Mason Dixon

Oh Canada
There is for sure a Northern invasion of Palm Beach Chicness above the Mason Dixon. Why it goes all the way to Canada. Smart folks! Love the adorable decor of Marlie Waks's Toronto digs. Fresh, fun & festive.

Those flamingos..... TO DYE FOR!

The Bee Cottage

The Divine Miss Schultz paid a little homage to PBC in her recent reno up in The Hamptons. I feel a little Babe Paley vibe going on. Rumor has it there is a book on the way about the adorable Bee & I am already planning a book signing. I'd say deviled eggs are a given. Stay tuned!

Adler/Doonan The Hamptons
Wherever Jonathan Adler goes there will be Palm Beach Chicness. These pictures prove the point. He is the master of PBC.

Happy Chic

Celerie Kemble ~ New York

You can take the girl out of Palm Beach but thank goodness you can't take Palm Beach out of Celerie Kemble.
Ivy & Piper July/Aug
Above is more Hampton PBC goodness from the latest Ivy & Piper.

What a perfect way to start the week wouldn't you say???